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New & Experienced Estimators

Our courses are designed to provide Estimators with the knowledge necessary to write an estimate accurately and completely. Estimators can earn a certification as an Estimating Technician, from a Level 1 Estimating Technician to a Master Estimating Technician. Level 1 is designed to train a new estimator and level-set experienced estimators. Level 2 is an advanced level that introduces the complexities of collision damage repair estimating. The Master Level is the ultimate achievement and confirms that an Estimating Technician has the knowledge to build estimates and document the repair processes and procedures necessary to ensure vehicles are returned to the safety and functionality the OEM intended.

Customer Services Reps

Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) provide the shop’s first impression, walking the prospective customer through the process, gathering information and having crucial conversations about the events of the accident and vehicle damage. Live Virtual & In-Shop training stresses the importance the CSR role plays in gathering crucial information that sets the foundation for the estimate writing process. CSR’s learn strategies and techniques for interacting with customers to get the right information and make a great first impression.

Owners and Managers

Managing estimators in one shop can be challenging, adding multiple shops creates a new level of complexity. Understanding KPi’s (key performance indicators) is the first step to understanding the estimator’s performance. In order to build consensus and consistency across your entire team, whether a single or multi-shop operation, management must be able to analyze and interpret estimate data. Using this data, build processes that ensure consistency across the entire estimating staff. Our Live Virtual & In-Shop training provides shops with an understanding of KPi’s and how to use that information to create success among the estimating staff.

Our On-Demand Training

Our On-Demand Learning Series provides a solid foundation of estimating knowledge. It is designed for everyone from the entry-level to the experienced estimator. Accountable Estimating ™ offers a first of its kind, Estimating Technician ™ certification, designed specifically for estimators. Now more than ever, it is important that estimators know and understand the technical processes and the OEM and product manufacturer’s procedures necessary to repair the vehicle and return it to the Safety and Functionality the Manufacturer intended.

Our Live Online Training

Our live virtual training and consulting, provides a path for shops to improve their estimating process through estimate analysis, team consensus building and accountability. How do you measure estimator performance? What KPi’s do you use? Is there consistency amongst your estimators? If you are a Multi-Shop Operation, is there consistency between your shops? Do you have more questions than answers? We will help you find the answers, allowing you to can take control of your estimating process and establish consistency and accountability with your estimators.

More About Our Online Training

Our Online Training Courses are designed for the student to learn on the job at their desk. Each course contains modules designed to take 30 minutes or less to complete. This allows the student to stay in their work location, complete a module, absorb what they have learned and put that new knowledge into practice immediately. Courses are designed for new and continuing education. (Course are accredited through and powered by AMi)

Our Goal

The estimate becomes the blueprint for the repairs throughout the entire process, from vehicle drop-off to pick up. Our goal at Accountable Estimating™ is to improve the collision industry through accurate estimating and assembly of required documentation. Our training provides estimators with the skills they need to recognize and diagnose collision damage, with the understanding that the repair strategies of just 10 years ago do not apply to vehicles with today’s rapidly changing technology.


Online Training

Our On-Demand Learning Series provides a solid foundation of estimating knowledge. It is designed for everyone from entry-level to the experienced estimator. Begin your journey towards becoming a Certified Estimating Technician™ today!

Live Virtual Training

Our live virtual training and consulting, provides a path for shops to improve their estimating process through estimate analysis, team consensus building and accountability.


Happy Customers

Since our time with Roger, we have begun to view our estimating procedures and business strategy in a new light. Accountable Estimating has helped our team understand the importance of an accurate estimate and the power of documentation. Roger has created a business that has an incredible ability to shed a new light on a traditional way of doing business. More importantly for me, Roger genuinely cares for the direction of our company and always encourages us to align ourselves to be stronger in the future.

Matthew McDonnel, Owner of Big Sky Collision Center and A&D Auto Body Repair, Inc

“Roger Cada and his team are among the most knowledgeable estimating professionals in the industry, and it is reflected in Accountable Estimating’s online courses.”

Jeff Peevy, AMi President & CIC Chairman

“It is my belief that all of the estimatics training going on in the U.S. today, there is not one better qualified, passionate and insightful then Roger Cada [Accountable Estimating]”

Larry Baker Owner, Baker Collision Express

"Roger Cada is an excellent resource for any collision center looking to improve its operations and produce greater profits.  His extensive background in collision repair and the claims process presents his clients with a valuable and unique perspective that is rarely found.  Roger and his team maintain high standards of professionalism and thoroughness.  I recommend Roger and Accountable Estimating to any collision repair business interested in making a positive impact in their business."

Josh Byers, Automotive Color Supply

"Hi Scott you guys where great coming out to our shop for the day and showing my team where we can gain hours on every job was so worth it!!!! Thanks for the training in an area we need help in to add money to the bottom line!!!"

Dino DiGiulio, Body Best Sonoma