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The More You Know” is a powerful statement and true. We create training products that explain the “Why” behind estimating practices. Providing training that adds value to your daily life and respecting your investment in you, is our top priority!

On-Demand Training

Courses that are geared to those that build damage estimates, blueprints, repair plans and the ones that manage them.

Host & Sell Training

Are you a content creator or do you have a product that requires training? Host and sell your training content on the Accountable Estimating Academy training portal.

Host & Deploy Training

Accountable Estimating has an innovative product that protects your eLearning Investment, no matter where your courses are consumed.

Complimentary Training

View a library of training videos from Accountable Estimating and our friends. When you are ready to go deeper take a training course.

Downloadable Content

Find guides, standard operating procedures and more for download. Some may accompany a course or as a stand-alone document.

Accountable Estimating Courses on Your LMS

We recognize that having employees learn to use multiple training portals can be a barrier to continuing education. We have removed that barrier!

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