Basic Unibody and Frame Damage Conditions

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Length: 30 minutes or less


Basic Unibody and Frame Conditions consists of nine short videos with a three-question quiz after each. Learn about the five structural damage conditions: sag, sway, length, diamond and twist. Anyone who assesses collision damage or mechanical repairs needs to understand how to identify the need to measure the vehicle's structure. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are dependent on a dimensionally correct structure to operate properly and safely. 

This course is a supplement to our Basic Unibody and Frame Analysis course which dives deeper into

  • how to recognize the need to measure the structure, and how to identify structural conditions,
  • understanding that the entire car is a system,
  • how to measure in 2D and 3D,
  • how to document structural damage, repair and quality.

Basic Unibody and Frame Conditions Modules

  • Newton's 1st Law of Motion [2:56]
  • The Dimensions of Structural Movement [2:48]
  • Diamond and Twist [2:44]
  • Diamond Condition on a Large, Full Frame SUV [1:22]
  • Diamond Condition on a Pickup Truck [1:14]
  • The Effect of Inertia on a Front End Impact [1:29]
  • The Effect of Inertia on a Rear End Impact [1:01]
  • Diamond Condition Wrap-Up [2:39]
  • Twist Condition [1:03]

Download the supplemental Visual Aid to educate customers to structural conditions.